Children’s Rooms

Video Mapping 3D Boxes

A projection mapping installation featuring different takes on the concept of children’s rooms, each designed by a different artist or creative.

This is a collaboration between Liron Zabari and me, created originally for our exhibition at The Israel Museum for Contact Point 2015 – “Exhibitions That Never Were”.

We designed a set of white wooden boxes to represent core elements of a child’s room: a small single bed, door, nightstand and closet. Next, we invited 5 different Israeli artists to create their visual interpretations of these objects around the concept of ‘children’s rooms’ – a street artist, an industrial designer, an illustrator, an animator and a commercial creative director.

Finally, we used 3 projectors & video mapping techniques to transform the abstract boxes into those 5 different three dimensional visions, switching between them every 30 seconds.


Matan Berkowitz & Liron Zabari

Featured Artists

Dioz, Amnon Barnea, Ohad Basson, Yam Tal, Merav Shacham, Shaya Rijkmans


Roi Stefanski