A game of Snake controlled by the player's feet

In this interactive installation, the game is a homage to the 8-bit classic Snake. The custom built controller is made of wood and designed to look like a tree’s roots & stump, referencing the Tree of Knowledge. For each point a player scores, the game’s background image changes.

Created in collaboration with Liron Zabari for our exhibition at The Israel Museum for Contact Point 2015 – “Exhibitions That Never Were”.

The original version featured different pieces of snake-related classic art:

DLD Innovation Festival

The installation was then displayed in the heart of Tel Aviv’s famous Rotschild Boulevard for the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival 2015. This version featured a series of original photographs by Israeli photographer Eyal Landsman, produced especially for the piece, detailing the gradual destruction of an iPhone, a smiley pillow and a toy robot.


Finally, the Snake installation was featured at Midburn’s TIME TRAVEL party – the Israeli Burning Man’s annual decompression event. This third version featured a collaboration with photographer Eldad Shushan and model Olga Gurevich.


Matan Berkowitz & Liron Zabari


Roi Stefanski

Additional programming

Ohad Winnykamien