PORTALS – Interactive Trees

Interactive Connected Trees

This interactive art project turns trees into portals of nonverbal communication.

When one of the trees is touched, it starts “charging up” with light and sound. Once the first tree is fully charged, it wirelessly triggers the second tree, bringing it to life and calling the attention of the people surrounding it.
When the second tree is also activated, and for as long as both of them are touched, the trees reach a “Nirvana” state together – bridging two different locations and establishing communication between the people around them.

The first iteration shown here connects 2 trees in Stockholm, while the next version aims to connect trees in different cities and countries, building a global bio-digital network.

PORTALS was created by Nir Badt, Hampus Lindbald and myself, with the generous support of Kulturbriggan. Our fantastic team of makers includes Zvika Markfeld, Leon Maryasin, Dan Sandberg, Assaf Ostrovsky and Danny Grander.